Louis & Christine Colombarini

Cell: (931) 314-9059

     After firing Raku vessels for 25 years, I began to experiment and developed a unique primitive sawdust-firing technique. Void of gas heat and glaze, my ceramics are coated with a copper patina and buried in sawdust inside a ventilated metal chamber. The sawdust is ignited and burns over a 3-to-8 hour period. The end result of this “Neo-Primitive” process reveals a multitude of spontaneous colors and patterns. To permanently protect this delicate new surface, I seal it with clear acrylic. Each resplendent vessel is impossible to duplicate – one-of-a-kind and highly collectable.

     Treat each vessel as you would any other valuable art object. Although the surface has a protective finish, our vessels WILL NOT hold food or water. Vase forms may be utilized by placement of a liner within the vessel. To clean, use a soft, lint-free cloth and, if necessary, use mild soap and water, making sure to wipe dry immediately. NEVER use harsh chemicals such as Endust to clean the piece.  Enjoy your handmade art treasure!

Care for your vessel

Sawdust-Fired Process by Louis Colombarini

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