Louis & Christine Colombarini

Cell: (931) 314-9059

     My clay vessels and sculptural forms originate through a hand-built, slip-cast, or wheel-thrown process – sometimes using a combination of these techniques. I often alter the clay by incising, relief-carving, or adding various clay shapes. In a bone-dry state, the clay is bisque-fired to Cone 06 (1860º F) and then primitive-fired on an open-air grate buried in straw.  The results of my “Neo-Primitive” bonfire are dramatic – rich sepia tones blending straw patterns and smokey fire clouds. This surface becomes my canvas as I hand-color each piece with oil sticks, acrylics, and modeling paste. Upon completion, I apply a clear acrylic to protect the finish for years to come.

Straw-Fired Process by Christine Colombarini

     Treat each vessel as you would any other valuable art object. Although the surface has a protective finish, our vessels WILL NOT hold food or water. Vase forms may be utilized by placement of a liner within the vessel. To clean, use a soft, lint-free cloth and, if necessary, use mild soap and water, making sure to wipe dry immediately. NEVER use harsh chemicals such as Endust to clean the piece.  Enjoy your handmade art treasure!

Care for your vessel

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